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About CCTV Signs Direct

The Company was incorporated to assist the CCTV installer and their clients to meet with the requirements of the CCTV Data Protection Act 1998 and its Code of Practice, and moving CCTV signage into the 21st Century.

Our CCTV Warning signs are manufactured using the latest printing and transfer technologies and if required we are able to give extra UV & scratch proof protection to our signs, adding further longevity and durability. That's got to be a good sign!

The use of sophisticated digital outputs ensures that we have total freedom to create images that are setting the new standards in CCTV / ANPR compliant signage required under the CCTV Data Protection Act 1998. We doubt you'll find a better quality sign anywhere.

We offer a complete range of CCTV Warning Signs / ANPR Signage and we spend the time ensuring that all the products we supply are compliant and efficient to save our customers' valuable time.

We are dedicated to our customers' satisfaction through open communication, high quality products, and on-time delivery. The best advertisers to us are our products and our happy clients.

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